We have produced articles for a variety of sources. Where these are available from the original source publicly then a link will appear on this page. Alternatively where information is presented to aid investigators at conferences or in writing where the information would not be otherwise available the article or information will be reproduced here for public access.


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Principal Forensic Toxicology and Drugs ConsultancyPrincipal Forensic Toxicology and Drugs Consultancy We offer consultancy work for a variety of cases from Road Traffic Act alcohol and drug/diving casework, to rapes, murders and poisonings for Prosecution or Defence and in civil cases. Mike Scott-Ham has over 30 years experience and has attended courts on 100s of  occasions. Training is offered to forensic, police & medical professionals.


TM Forensics Ltd TM Forensics Ltd TM Forensics Ltd is a new company established by experts, formerly with the Forensic Science Service (FSS), providing a quality service in Forensic Tachograph Route Tracing and Collision Analysis. We use calibrated specialist tachograph microscopes and can provide peer reviewed work, assuring customers of the reliability of our findings.