Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Upon instruction

When an enquiry is made, we will contact the client at the earliest opportunity and discuss the details of the case. The client will be consulted about any specific requirements regarding the instruction and if a scene visit is required, we will endeavour to respond immediately or at a time convenient to the client. Prior to any involvement by us we will check that there is no actual or potential conflict of interest.

When at the scene we can work independently or with other professionally interested parties. We will always keep the client updated in person or by telephone at the earliest convenient time once the scene examination has been completed.

A peer reviewed preliminary report, if appropriate, will be produced within 2 working days after the investigation. A full report or statement will be prepared once all the information has been gathered and the investigation has been completed.

We will always be professional, impartial and objective our work and will act with integrity.

Following the initial instruction we will not carry out any further chargeable work without the client’s prior agreement, but we will advise on any appropriate additional work.


Fees will normally be charged at an hourly rate, however a fixed price can be discussed if preferred. Details of our fees are available on request.

A document of contractual terms of engagement will be issued to the client before any work is undertaken.

Disbursements attributable to the investigation and VAT, where appropriate, are charged in addition to the professional fee.

Invoices will normally be produced upon completion of an investigation following the production of a report or statement. If the investigation is protracted or it is preferred by the client then an invoice will be produced at the end of each stage of the examination.