Exhibit Officers Fire Investigation Training


The Exhibit Officers fire investigation training course has been designed and developed to specifically meet the requirements of exhibit officers who recover evidence from high profile and serious scenes involving fire. This course has been delivered to a number of exhibit officers from the Metropolitan Police, Murder Investigation Teams (MIT) and was highly recommended and thoroughly enjoyed.

This course explores the fundamentals of fire investigation with respect to the role of the exhibit officer at a major incident. It also details current packaging advice for all types of ignitable liquids and the explains the science and reasoning behind the various sampling techniques to optimise evidence recovery at a fire scene.

The Exhibit Officers fire investigation training course is run at the fire ground of the National Maritime Training Centre in Gravesend, Kent and the participants have the opportunity to view a live vehicle fire and experience a simulated boil over demonstration.

As fire scenes are not as common as other types of scenes a laminated crib sheet (which can be kept within the officers scene kit for reference) as well as a training manual is provided for each participant.