Fire Investigation Refresher Training

The Fire Investigation Refresher Training Course┬áis aimed at investigators who have previously been trained in fire investigation either on our Five Day Fire Investigation course or a similar alternative course. This course takes approximately one day, though it may be less depending on the number of delegates. It can be refined to meet the exact requirements of the delegate group and to address any gaps that they feel they have in their knowledge. The theoretical aspects of this course includes refreshing the theoretical knowledge of fires and addressing any areas of specific concern. The current best practice for packaging are laid out and a short practical allows everyone to ensure that their packaging and excavation techniques are fit for purpose. If appropriate or required by the delegate’s employer, they are then asked to present a short fire scene investigation that they were involved in to the group in order to learn from their peers.

The topics that may be covered by this fire investigation refresher training course include:

  • Basic fire science
  • Smouldering/flaming fires
  • Electrical causes of fire
  • Sampling & packaging
  • Evidential value of laboratory submissions
  • Burning patterns
  • Statement writing
  • Defence/Prosecution experts
  • Methodological approach to fire scene examination
  • Ignitable liquids