Fire Scene Investigation

We attend fire and diffuse phase explosion (e.g. petrol vapour explosions) scenes principally to establish where and how the fire or explosion started. Each scene investigation is independent and follows a structured, logical process to ensure that all possibilities have been considered.

We have experience of fires in dwellings, commercial premises, vehicles and those in open spaces. Our investigation techniques are applicable to small and large fires as well as those involving fatalities. We thoroughly investigate the physical damage at the scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire. In many fire scene investigations additional work is required following the excavation, reconstruction and interpretation of the scene and the burning patterns. Depending on the type of evidence discovered during the investigation of the scene, items may be taken for ignitable liquid analysis or examined in our laboratory. Click here to find out the laboratory examinations we offer.

We can conduct a brief screening fire scene investigation of an incident. Using our expertise we can determine whether or not there appears to be sufficient evidence available to allow meaningful conclusions to be reached following a full investigation. The likelihood of being able to reach a conclusion will be discussed with the client in order to determine whether or not to proceed with the full investigation.

Depending on the requirements of the client we can either provide a preliminary report within 48 hours or a full statement or report once all the required information has been received.

We keep in close contact with our clients by telephone or email throughout the investigation.

shakespeare room

Room following a severe fire

inside cutty sark

Inside Cutty Sark after fire