Solar Panel Fires

Alternative energy systems which use the power of the sun to generate electricity for businesses, or use in the home and for transfer of power to the national grid are increasing in popularity. Such solar panels (photovoltaic systems) are becoming more apparent on domestic and business properties. Being a source of electricity solar panel systems are a potential cause of fire. Some fires arising from solar panels have been identified as occurring many months or even years after the system has been fitted.

Mr Simon Smith has completed research into fires caused by photovoltaic (PV) systems and is a recognised specialist in this area. To view the abstract of his research thesis please click here.

Solar panel systems can cause fires due to faulty manufacture, inappropriate installation or user error, the same as normal mains installations. However when working with high direct current (DC) voltages there are inherent safety risks, we are able to work within these constraints.

As is encountered within main electrical installations there is the possibility for solar panel systems to be the victim of a fire which started elsewhere. We can also safely eliminate evidence of secondary fires caused by solar panels which may have occurred during or after another fire event.


Solar panel array