Petrol Bombs and Incendiary Devices

Petrol bombs and incendiary devices are encountered either used, partially burnt and in fragments, or unused and intact. Both may provide evidence which links one device or petrol bomb to another, to a ‘factory’ or to a specific person.

A ‘petrol bomb’ is classified as an explosive substance under the 1883 Explosive Substances Act. The legislation surrounding whether or not a device in in fact a petrol bomb is very prescriptive. We are able to determine if a device is a petrol bomb in accordance with the Act.

Though not all incendiary devices can be classified as petrol bombs, whether or not they are viable devices which could cause a fire or potentially endanger life should not be discounted. Incendiary devices can be examined, reconstructed where necessary and their viability assessed.

During our training courses we have demonstrations to show the effects of throwing both petrol bombs and incendiary devices. An example of this can be seen below.

a petrol bomb

A petrol bomb