Forensic Fire Investigation Awareness

The Forensic Fire Investigation Awareness training we provide is tailored to suit the delegates attending the input. Below are some examples of the type of awareness courses that we offer:

An awareness training course of 1 hour can be given to anyone interested in fire investigation but who may not be fully aware of the current best practice. This involves a brief overview of fires and the evidence that can be collected, as well as how to collect it and a brief practical to apply this knowledge.

Forensic fire investigation awareness training for police and fire officers who deal with fire related cases but who are not required to have the practical skills to examine scenes is provided in the form of a 2 hour lecture input.  This specifically covers aspects of fire investigation that may be of use to the individual but that they otherwise may not be aware of.

Reviews of several high profile fire cases led us to develop fire investigation awareness training for Senior Investigating Officers.  It comprises a brief review of fire investigations and those who work on them, the evidence that can be collected from a fire scene and the potential available evidence that could link a suspect to a fire.

Forensic awareness for fire officers who enter fire scenes is important in order to preserve any evidence that may be present. Fire is destructive and fire fighting techniques can exacerbate the potential loss of evidence. A 1 hour forensic awareness input is designed to give fire fighters, or other professionals entering fire scenes, an understanding of the types of evidence and materials forensic scientists are looking for and how best to preserve it whilst still fulfilling their designated role.

Presentation by Iain Peck

Mr Peck Presenting at Law 2014