About Us

In founding Prometheus Forensic Services in 2012 we wanted to offer a fire investigation service which encompasses all of the requirements of a potential client. As an independent company specialising in matters relating to all types of fires we attend fire scenes to determine their cause and origin. Additionally we perform laboratory based examinations to provide evidence to support or refute the alleged cause of a fire. We also investigate explosions caused by gases and volatile ignitable liquids. A full guide to our services can be found here.

We are dedicated to providing an impartial, robust and timely service to all our clients by delivering a comprehensive examination from crime scene to court room and are available to contact 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To contact us during weekday office hours (9am to 6pm) please use 01372 224025, at all other times please call 07342 191354.

Prometheus Forensic Services Ltd are an approved Home Office subcontractor for Fire Scene Investigation. We are trained to safely work in Asbestos contaminated scenes.

Combined, we have over 50 years experience in forensic science and fire investigation, you can view further details about our scientists here. Prometheus Forensic Services have worked on many high profile and complex cases, including murders, and have given expert testimony in all types of courts in the UK and overseas. A selection of testimonials can be found here.

Prometheus Forensic Services provide comprehensive training in fire investigation to suit the majority of requirements and we can design bespoke training courses as required.

We have advised a number of production companies on the inclusion of fire and fire investigations in television programmes. Emma has appeared in several documentaries including the Hidden Killers series on BBC4 to give expert opinion on fire related matters.


The myth of Prometheus

In Greek mythology Prometheus was a Titan who was given the task of being man’s protector.

There are two slightly different versions of the myth. In one, man already had fire and Prometheus angered Zeus by tricking him into accepting the bones of each animal sacrificed by man instead of the meat. Zeus retaliated by taking fire away from man so that he would have to eat his meat raw. Prometheus promptly lit a torch from the sun and returned fire to mankind. The alternative version is that Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus were trying to find attributes to give to man, but having run out of interesting things like wings and fur Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man in a fennel stalk.

Zeus became very angry and sent Pandora and her jar of chaos to Earth and had Prometheus chained to a rock to have his liver pecked and torn out by an eagle repeatedly.

Our company is named after Prometheus the Titan who gave fire to mankind. Our logo incorporates the eagle that was part of Prometheus’ punishment for that act.